Investment Clubs Association of Uganda (ICAU), founded by investment groups of Uganda with facilitation from the Competitiveness & Investment Climate Strategy (CICS) Secretariat, and currently operating as an interim committee is mandated with the following objectives;

  • To build capacity of investment clubs (training)
  • To enable networking between investment clubs and industry players (networking)
  • To lobby industry players, Government and stakeholders for policy and financial support (lobbying);
  • To collect, analyze and disseminate information to the members (research & documentation);
  • To enhance internal processes and increase product quality for better services (internal, institutional)

Organizational Structure
ICAU’s organizational structure is such that it will led by an advisory board, that is a board of directors that constitutes of six (6) directors, who are tasked with formulating the Vision of ICAU, Polices and Strategies for realization of the Vision and Mission. The leadership/ advisory board will work in tandem with the National Executive Council (NEC) and management team, led by the Chief Executive Officer, which is charged with the responsibility of implementation of the organization’s activities.

The Management Team
ICAU will aligned in a vertical organizational assemblage that performs similar or related set of activities. It will consists of highly qualified, professional staff members. At the apex of the Management team structure will be the Chief Executive Officer charged with managing the day-to-day operations of the organisation of 10 staff members.

Organizational activities will be distributed in the following categories; Research and Information, Training and Capacity Building, Legal Matters (compliance and board matters), Finance and Planning, Human Resource and Administration.
Currently the ICAU structure does not boast of a large human resource base, however, with the implementation of this plan and execution of several activities aimed at growing the organization, ICAU foresees the incorporation of several changes relating to numbers and activities