About us

A litle bit About ICAU

Investment Clubs Association of Uganda (ICAU), founded by investment groups of Uganda with facilitation from the Competitiveness & Investment Climate Strategy (CICS) Secretariat, and currently operating as an interim committee is mandated with the following objectives;

If you are an individual wanting to bring together your friends, or to join other friends who are already organized, and pool money to invest together, or you are already in a group, but you want your group to grow, then we are here for you, to train you, lobby on your behalf, network you with fellow clubs and industry partners, and share with you information on investments and investment clubs.

ICAU‘s slogan is as stated on their logo during the branding of its corporate image. ICAU’s strategic direction for the phase
2013-2016 hinges on building internal processes and products while empowering investment groups to tap into investible
opportunities. The slogan “…investing together” goes hand in hand with this empowerment that will develop local high
net worth investments.


March, 14th, 2012

Our Mission

To mobilise and support investment clubs to grow into high return investment vehicles

Our Values

Service Excellence

Our Vision

Organised and informed investment clubs taking part in high net worth investments both locally and internationally