• What is an Investment club?

    The Investment Clubs Association of Uganda (ICAU) defines an investment group as “any collection of individuals whose objective is the pooling together of capital with the aim of using the collated resources for investment purposes.”

  • Why start an Investment club

    It's better to invest together! Investment clubs are a safe and supportive way to learn commonsense investing skills with your friends, family or co-workers. Participating in an investment club helps you become more engaged in the investing process and learn by doing. Best of all, it's fun to watch your club's investments grow!

  • Chairperson's Foreword

    If you are an individual wanting to bring together your friends, or to join other friends who are already organised, and pool money to invest together, or you are already in a group, but you want your group to grow, then we are here for you, to train you, lobby on your behalf, network you with fellow clubs and industry partners, and share with you information on investments and investment clubs.