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Membership Types in ICAU

Who Can Join?
An investment club is any collection of individuals who periodically contribute monies for investment purposes . Investment club/clubs of all sizes are welcome to join the association and enjoy all the benefits. Your club does not have to have a certain minimum monthly contribution or accumulated capital. We will require you to let us know how you are registered and provide copies of your registration documents.

We have three membership classes as follows:
Corporate Partners:

Membership is open to large organizations, wishing to partner with ICAU, and explore possible areas of linkages and formation of exchanges leading to mutual benefit of both parties. Joining Fee - Ushs. 1,000,000

Gold Membership
Open to investment clubs comprising of working or retired individuals, whose club is registered as a limited company, partnership or business name. Joining Fee - Ushs. 100,000

Silver membership
Open to investment clubs comprising of students and youngsters in institutions of higher learning such as Universities, Colleges and Polytechnics. This membership is also open to a club whose members have an average age of less than 24years. Annual Subscription – 30,000