About - ICAU
Our Corporate Culture

€ Our Vision

Organised and informed investment clubs taking part in high net worth investments both locally and internationally.

€ Our Mission

To mobilise and support investment clubs to grow into high return investment vehicles for members.

€ Objectives
  • To build capacity of investment clubs (training)
  • To enable networking between investment clubs and industry players (networking)
  • To lobby industry players and stakeholders for policy and financial support (lobbying)
  • To collect, analyse and disseminate investment information to the members (research & documentation)
  • To enhance internal processes and increase product quality for better services (internal, institutional)

€ Values:
  • Collaboration
  • Service Excellence
  • Commitment
  • Accountability

  • What Support Does ICAU Give?
    ICAU offers amongst other services:
    • $ subsidized services.
    • $ Invitations’ to Investment Seminars
    • $ Monthly newsletters
    • $ Introduction to other groups for networking and mentoring purpose
    • $ Preferential rates negotiated with service providers
    • $ Referrals to individuals who can take your minutes, do the accounting follow up action points and track contributions
    • $ capacity building;
    • $ lobbying with government and other stakeholders;
    • $ dispute resolution;
    • $ networking;
    • $ meeting rooms;
    • $ research and dissemination of research reports; and
    • $ Quarterly seminars on investment opportunities, investment regulatory climate, market indices, strategic planning, investment analysis, group dynamics, conflict resolution, membership recruitment and retention etc
    • $ Mentorship of clubs through training visits, etc.
    • $ Meeting space and secretarial services
    • $ Free trainings for university/’young adults investment clubs
    • $ Research, surveys, and Information dissemination (e-newsletter)
    • $ Networking with other clubs, club pairing, peer to per club mentorship
    • $ Lobbying/ Negotiating for reduced rates by service providers, banks, insurance companies, lawyers, accountants, tax incentives, government contracts, investment opportunitiesetc.
    • $ Field trips, investment tourism, etc.