Investment Clubs Association of Uganda

"...Investing Together"


1. Subsidized services 2. Investment seminars 3. Monthly newsletters 4. Group networking 5. Preferential rates 6. Referals 7. Capacity building 8. Lobbying government 9. Dispute resolution 10. Research 11. Meeting space 12. Trainings 13. Networking 14. Lobbying 15. Investment tourism

ICAU Vision

Organised and informed investment clubs taking part in high networth invtesments both locally and internationally

ICAU Mission

To Mobilise and support investment clubs to grow into high return investment vehicles:-

ICAU Values

These values guide us to execute our duties:-

  1. Collaboration,
  2. Service Excellence,
  3. Commitment,
  4. Accountability,

Challenges Facing Clubs

  1. Intermittent contributions,
  2. Poor meeting attendance,
  3. Illiteracy (financial),
  4. Poor saving culture/low funds in account,
  5. Little investments,
  6. No diversification of investments,
  7. No loans to members,
  8. Limited skilled leaders,
  9. Rigidity in admission of new members,
  10. Agreement on investment vehicles,
  11. Slow investment decisions

ICAU Objectives

  1. To build capacity of investment clubs (Training),
  2. To enable networking between investment clubs and industry players (Networking),
  3. To lobby industry players and stakeholders for policy and financial support (Lobbying),
  4. To collect, analyse and disseminate investment information to the members (Research and Documentation),
  5. To enhance internal processes and increase product quality for better services (Internal)